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Crystal Knowledge

Our world is full of full of energy, both positive and negative. Energy flows within our environment, affected by the natural and unnatural things the live around us. Crystals, minerals, metals, and other earth materials attract positive life energy, known as orgone energy.

The esoteric energy and life force found in all substances.
It is Chi. Prana. The Force. 


Orgone Energy

Created in the 1930’s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the science of orgone energy is the practice of harnessing and channeling natural energy to allow physical and psychological healing. Dr. Reich invented to concept of layering natural metals, stone, wood, and other organic material to produce orgone life energy.

This positive orgone energy can then be used to combat disturbed energy from electrical devices and negative emotional energy.


Earth, Stones & Metals

The ability to attract positive orgone energy depends on types of natural materials and their energetic properties. Wood, stone, bones, and other earthly materials attract orgone energy; metals attract orgone energy while repelling dead energy.

Combining the metals, crystals, and resins allows for an attraction and revulsion of energy that cleans and balances. 


Unique Products

Crafted in Small Batches

Made in small batches with loving, kind hands. Each is made in-house, we never outsource our unique creations.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Our materials are natural, imbued with natural energy, and ethically sourced from all over the world. 

Infused with Reiki Energy

We infuse items with Reiki energy, weaving spells to ensure positivity + EMF busting power.

Handcrafted with Kindness

We believe in promoting kindness, acceptance, and positivity by proudly supporting equality for all.


Positive Energy & Rejuvenation 

Despite best efforts, our world is filled with negative energy, often frequencies from electronic devices. known as electro-magnetic fields or “EMFs”. Dr. Reich created the concept of imbuing our environment with natural energy. Orgonite objects placed throughout your home transmutes EMF energy.

Our works encourage a positive environment that rejuvenates your health and promotes a stronger spirit.


Equality, Acceptance & Support

While there is endless literature regarding the health benefits of orgone, an essential aspect of orgone energy is promoting a positive sense of self. The philosophy of orgone energy is in alignment with ancient beliefs about Chi, Prana, Mana, or Ruah; a flow of energy through all living things.

We are most alive when we are in balance with ourselves and the world around us.  


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