Honey bees all over the world provide 80% of the world’s pollination, a single colony pollinates roughly 300 million flowers a day! This amazing ability to pollinate the world is responsible for ensuring the future of the world’s human crops. These little guys hold the future of the world on their little wings.

The pollination bees provide is necessary for the growth of 70 out of the top 100 fruits, nuts, and vegetables we enjoy. Largely due to climate change and aggressive development of the chemical industry, the worldwide bee population is in rapid decline. The number of bee colonies has declined 90% since 1962!!

Fighting the extinction of bees can be done on all levels! We can create safe spaces for bees by making small personal changes and advocating for big changes. Here are some things we can do to help save the bees:

• Plant a bee-friendly garden with flowers, e.g. food for bees
• Go organic in the garden by avoiding synthetic pesticides/fertilizers
• Consider composting for rich soil and clean living
• Join a local nature organization
• Plant trees that blossom, bees get the most nectar from trees
• Make a bee bath, a shallow bowl with rocks in the bottom to break the surface so bees can have something to drink 
• Those with land can “sponsor-a-hive” to have a hive 
• Teach the value of bees and bee safety at an early age
• Support, volunteer, or donate to local beekeeper organizations

Bees and beehives has long been respected for their ancient geometry. The natural perfection and beauty of their creations. Treat the gorgeous creatures like the sacred life-savers they are!

Learn more about how you can help save the bees or join/donate to the Save the Bees Movement today.