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Victoria Winfrey

"Solving all of life's little problems!"

Hello! My name is Victoria Winfrey, I’m the proud designer of this amazing website! I'm a professional freelance web designer and content manager running my own business in the heart of Amsterdam! I specialize in designing websites for small business, entrepreneurs, and individuals. I focus on providing services that are user-friendly, affordable, and designed to grow with your business over time. With my help, we can design a web space that grows your audience and represents the best of your business.

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My Background

I was born and raised in Texas, not far from where Brittany and Brandon grew up. I went to university at University of North Texas, where I completed my Master's degree. After college, I chose to travel and and explore a writing career. I worked with countless businesses to create content to help improve their products, blogs, online sales, etc. I worked with every industry imaginable, from survival gear to advice for senior care. After years of writing, my creative spirit began to grow into a profession of content management and web design. 

After I got married, I chose to relocate to Europe to start my first small business! My husband and I moved to Amsterdam in 2019 and we could not be happier! We're very lucky to live in a city full of incredible entrepreneurs and small businesses while still being able to work with our amazing clients all across the world.

I became a freelance web designer, content writer, and organizer to share my passions with the world. I enjoy helping my clients bring their ideas to life, expanding their entrepreneurial spirit and improving their lives. No matter what service you need: I respect your history, knowledge, and creativity. We can work together to make your ideals come to life.

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My Expertise

A Creative Life Solution is proud of our diverse client background. We’re honored to showcase a variety of websites that illustrate our adaptability, passion, and creativity. These websites exemplify the range of our creative potential. Each was created using client’s input and imagination throughout the process while we provided support and guidance. Each client offers a unique service and need, representing the full range of web design and redesign services.

- Web design and redesign using WordPress, Wix, Square Space, Shopify, Kartra, Drupal, and more!
- Website organization and optimization
- Content writing, editing, and management
- Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Web Analytics (Google Certified)
- Social media strategy (IG, FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc)
- Marketing and promotion (MailChimp, Adsense, etc.)
- B2B/B2C communication and sales
- Pay-per-click advertising
- Graphics, icon, video, and infographic design
- Resume building and career planning
- Account and project management

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As your company grows, it becomes exhausting and challenging to manage all of your content while finding time to create a web presence. Expanding your company often deals with creating, improving, and maintaining content while trying to find new, innovate ways to reach target audiences. A Creative Life Solution is skilled at collaborating with countless services to streamline your content across online marketplaces.

- Content creation, editing, and publication
- Content strategy building, developed alongside short-term and long-term goals
- Search engine ranking assessment and optimization
- Cross-department coordination for cohesive marketing and overall design
- Establishing outside collaborations and backlinking
- Managing and organizing content distribution
- Creating a content calendar, coordinated across departments and platforms
- Web analytics assessment and action plan
- Detailed to-do lists and checklists for future planning
- Social media strategy (IG, FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc)
- Marketing and promotion (MailChimp, Adsense, etc.)
- B2B/B2C communication and sales
- Pay-per-click advertising
- Graphics, icon, video, and infographic design

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Is your company ready to maximize your productivity and increase efficiency? Our business organization services are here to help! We evaluate your business to find new ways to reduce stress, streamline office organization, and troubleshoot barriers in work-flow. A Creative Life Solution strives to improve office morale and enhance the overall office environment.  A Creative Life Solution is skilled at seeing the big picture. Our experience in professional counseling and business management means we provide the ideal structure for helping your business maximize its potential. We work closely with the entire office to discover what works or doesn’t work on the individual level. Whether you’re an office full of employees or a small business owner, we’re here to bring a fresh perspective to your office.

- Website Performance-Improvement assessments
- Professional consultations
- Project management
- Creative techniques and interventions
- Office organization and set-up
- Resource and personnel recommendations
- Business/professional relocation
- Creating an organization plan
- Inventory and resource mapping
- Consolidation and reassigning unused resources
- Personnel/employee experience evaluation
- Space organization and planning; productivity design consultation
- Consumer/customer experience assessment
- Counseling and development

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